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“We produce beauty, recognizable and decorative works of art, trimmings of great value!”

Many argue that trimmings are a complement that is no longer in use today. But in recent years, with the rediscovery of the ancient and elegant taste that characterized the royal families, there has been a great demand for these accessories. Once they were produced by specialized craftsmen and today, thanks to new technologies, they are easier to produce and certainly with a higher quality.
There are many sectors for the use of trimmings, we specialize in luxury furniture and clothing, where there is no lack of requests and where a taste for the old and elegant are the masters in this sector.

The trimmings are used mostly in the military, ecclesiastical, furnishings. But also in the theatrical field and for those carnival costumes that need to reconstruct ancient and elegant clothes. In fact, we are talking about Venetian clothes, just to give an example, even if those who make a great use of them nowadays are the most famous brands of Italian high fashion.
The trimmings include: cords, braids, fringes, bracelets, tassels and ornaments, but decorative buttons, laces, braids, ribbons and other types of decorations are also considered as such. If you don’t know the trimmings, don’t worry, we will be happy to explain everything by clicking on “contact us now”.

Agugliatura e ricamo agugliato

The trimmings are not only decorative embellishments, but once they also carried out a reinforcement work to cover joints, stop hems and prevent fraying of the underlying fabrics.

The materials used are generally with characteristics that give light and color to the decorations. In the past, fibers such as silk, cotton and linen were used, today instead, synthetic fibers are preferred, which are less expensive and more durable over time.
Together with them, materials are also used such as: plastic, glass, gold or silver threads and other materials that in any case have structural and color characteristics, similar to those that are the purposes of these accessories. So if you too are looking for trimmings for your furnishings, or to embellish your high fashion clothing, contact us now by clicking on “contact us now”.

We produce trimmings according to your requests and we can guarantee that the results will be unique, elegant and will add value to your high fashion clothes!


Some trimming works, made directly by Forza Giovane

Passamani con frange bianche
passamanerie colorate rosa blu verde
passamanerie color oro prodotte da forza giovane

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