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What are the embroidery stitches?

Embroidery: it is an ornament that can be made on any textile or non-textile material. Its object is a design or a finish, created with: needle and thread, ribbons or textile accessories. The latter can be: chains, beads, sequins, studs, eyelets and others.

The embroidery enriches and embellishes a garment or an accessory so as to make it special and characteristic according to the trends of the moment.

How is the embroidery done?

The embroidery can be done by machine or by hand. Forza Giovane, offers embroidery of the highest quality, designed for all possible uses by the customer with the authenticity of 100% Made in Italy. Above all we must remember that our work is forged by the careful hands of our team of workers. Each of these is formed to give the maximum and the precision and attention that every customer expects

What are the decorative stitches most used by our embroiderer?

  • Electronic machine embroidery
  • Hand embroidery
  • 3D embroidery
  • Hemstitch or ajour embroidery
  • Rhinestone application
  • Studs application
  • Eyelets application
  • Pearls application
  • Applications with chains and metal mesh
  • Ribs embroidery
  • Folds
  • Plissé
  • Blanket stitch embroidery
  • Fan stitch embroidery
  • Smock embroidery
  • Honeycomb embroidery
  • Carpet stitch embroidery
  • Embroidery stitches mf
  • Fringing
  • Diamond stitch embroidery
  • Fagotting stitch embroidery
  • Embroidery Stitch 8
  • Cornely embroidery
  • Crochet stitch embroidery
  • Carpet stitch embroidery
  • Tubular or “spaghetti” of fabric
  • Braids and cords
  • Laser cut
  • Fashion decorations (dresses, sweaters, shirts, scarves, bags, footwear, furnishings)
Agugliatura e ricamo agugliato

Each of these embroidery stitches is made with care and abundance, especially with the passion that distinguishes our company. The materials we use are precious and make high fashion garments unique and give great emotions to anyone who wears them.

Thanks to tools and technological innovation; the precision with which we make our embroideries has increased over the thirty years of our company. The speed of execution is linked to the new equipment and our propensity to listen to the customer.

“From a stylistic idea, an embroidery rhythm is born that makes a garment a work of art!” it is thanks to this motto that we create high fashion garments for our customers.

From a stylistic project on an item of clothing, we are able to fulfill the wishes of all customers, carefully choosing all the materials, the style of embroidery and the type of application.
Each of the applications and decorations will perfectly match the required project with attention to the beauty and uniqueness of each fabric.

Why choose Forza Giovane for your embroideries?

Choosing Forza Giovane means encouraging a leading company in the embroidery and style sector, with a strong propensity for high fashion and for the application of decorations.
As far as high fashion is concerned, embroidery requires special attention precisely because each of the clients’ requests must be taken into account.
For 30 years we have been able to make our clients’ dreams come true with aesthetic magic, with the care of our workers and with the ever-active attention of Piero, mentor and tireless stylist.
Our intervention is based on years of study to always achieve the best and with the propensity for high quality in a short time and always maintaining our standard.
Forza Giovane is synonymous with: precision, reliability, style! We work, with attention to detail, for the preparation of excellence for the world of the Red Carpet and not only for all individuals who want to wear high fashion items.
To get to know our work, just look at our photos, to discover in small everyday pills what our work is!

To get to know our services better, everything we can do for individuals and companies, you can contact us and have a personalization of your project through a detailed quote.


Some embroidered works of the Forza Giovane embroidery factory

  • embroidery stitch 8 made by embroidery factory young force, embroidery on black fabric with gold threads.
  • embroidery on fabric with red threads and blue base off-white
  • embroidery with vertical stripes gold black white

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