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Needle punched


Needle punching is a felting technique that originated manually and then evolved over the course of history into an automated process.
In our Forza Giovane embroidery factory, it is carried out by the simultaneous movement of needles which mechanically intertwine the fibres and achieve felting. This textile treatment is very versatile in the use of different types of materials: wool, cashmere, silk, linen, felt, denim, leather, imitation leather, etc…

The needle punching technique allows us to join together materials of different consistencies with the possibility of creating personalised patterns/designs with three-dimensional effects without the use of glue or stitching.

More technically speaking, needle punching is obtained by using needles with “special” tips, which, moving vertically, pick up, tear and intertwine the different types of fibres, joining them together, thus obtaining a particularly unique transformation of the initial product.

Agugliatura e ricamo agugliato

Some of our needlework

Some needle punching works made by the Forza Giovane embroidery factory

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